How to cope and be resilient to stress

In the previous article I highlighted the three sources of stress . In the this article I will focus on how YOU can avoid stress. I highlighted many times on the site, that the best strategy to resilience is not needing it. A good performing athlete does not burn himself out but constantly challenges himself in small… Read More »

The Chicago Plan : Resilience to our financial system.

Those of you who follow the economic sphere have frequently heard the names Keynes and Hayek mentioned. Keynes was an economist who advocated for wide state intervention during an economic down turn while Hayek advocated a no touch approach to the markets. Resilience would advocate for the process of “creative destruction” which means that business and… Read More »

Health and your Resilience – snippets

Things I learnt and inspired me this week : (Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional) Bile stones can be removed naturally check this out : Our gut contains neurons, and some scientist consider this as our second brain. Hence the name “gut feeling”. These neurons are in contact with our brain and a great… Read More »

The Perils and Solutions to Victim Hood

Victimhood is a self-reinforcing mental framework which leads to a constant search to picture ourselves as being the victims of someone or something. Victimhood, is comfortable as a mental state. In this state we give responsibility to our ills to someone else, it could be a bully, a co-worker, a partner, a scheme, a conspiracy… Read More »

Which country in Europe gives you the highest resilience ? (Part 1)

This article is not about which country is the most resilient, but which geographical location within Europe gives you personally the most resilience. Europe is an interesting continent. Interesting because of variety, history, culture and relative safety. All these characteristics entail difference, When different people meet under difficult circumstances friction is generated. Difference, is defined… Read More »

Business Start-up Resilience

The path to your financial independence will involve the creation of a business, either active (shop) or passive (rental income). These sources of income will need to be resilient themselves, in order to offer you resilience in terms of your income. This article is about, resilience not about success. The two items are different, but… Read More »