How to commit to solve a problem through resilience.

Resilience is about solving problems to get stronger. Step One: Define the Goal Identify goal. Identify Issue. Write it down. Clarify it. Journal. Step one is to help you define which monster you want to kill. Choose your target wisely. Once you have a goal, commit to it. Make this goal your reason to be… Read More »

Environmental Stress: How to deal with it?

Environmental stressors are those which come from non-human triggered events.. To reduce stress from such events you need to clearly define them. This is done by being honest and practical about the impact of the event. These events have a scale. Heavy rain leading to a collapsed roof is one thing and a storm with… Read More »

Resilience to the Apocalypse: An opportunity to be part of a strong and self-sufficient community.

For those seeking ultra-resilience, I have found you a solution.  Ultra-Resilience is going beyond the day to day resilience techniques. Day to day hardiness means being able to rebound after troubles with stress, people, divorce, jobs, health and finance. When you have prepared for those and other issues that may challenge you locally. You need to… Read More »

What are we here for ? What is the reason for being alive ? What is our true purpose ?

These questions have occupied my thoughts for some time. It took a while to find the answer, but I did. The answer is an explanation to how to get a sense of purpose not how to achieve purpose. Achieving purpose is, different for all of us, but the achieving that purpose is the same feeling… Read More »

The Chicago Plan : Resilience to our financial system.

Those of you who follow the economic sphere have frequently heard the names Keynes and Hayek mentioned. Keynes was an economist who advocated for wide state intervention during an economic down turn while Hayek advocated a no touch approach to the markets. Resilience would advocate for the process of “creative destruction” which means that business and… Read More »

Health and your Resilience – snippets

Things I learnt and inspired me this week : (Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional) Bile stones can be removed naturally check this out : Our gut contains neurons, and some scientist consider this as our second brain. Hence the name “gut feeling”. These neurons are in contact with our brain and a great… Read More »

Which country in Europe gives you the highest resilience ? (Part 1)

This article is not about which country is the most resilient, but which geographical location within Europe gives you personally the most resilience. Europe is an interesting continent. Interesting because of variety, history, culture and relative safety. All these characteristics entail difference, When different people meet under difficult circumstances friction is generated. Difference, is defined… Read More »

Are your early retirement or FI plans resilient to world challenges ? (Part 2)

In Part One I discussed the great things future will bring, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, human longevity, robots and cheap energy. In part two I discuss the darker side of the future, I admit writing the other article was more inspiring than this one. However as responsible adults, we need to consider all paths that we… Read More »

Past self vs now self vs future self  – the path to Resilience and FI

Sometimes, I  think that there are three Resman’s (I call myself Resman on this blog). You are here to get something different from the other blogs, to get challenged. So take off your shoes and gimme 10 minutes. I am amazed by how much the “present Resman” disagrees with “past Resman” and how much the “future… Read More »