Pushback, protect your invisible boundaries.

Push back is the art of standing strong and holding your ground whilst turning the trespassers into your allies, as a resource rather than a liability. Any living organism with a skin, to protect its boundaries has the right to pushback. Actually not the right, it is their duty to pushback. Learning how to pushback,… Read More »

The IKEA effect: Artificial value.

The IKEA effect is a cognitive bias which gives assigns a higher value to objects, procedures, people, ideas once they are used multiple times The effect happens in all areas of life love, work, hobbies and friends, the consequences mean that project which should have been closed a long time ago are still sucking resources… Read More »

Do you like to explore or evolve?

We tend to spend our lives in one of two modes : exploration and evolving. Exploration includes anything which is not increasing the depth of your knowledge or skills. Evolving adds tangible value now or in the future. Exploration, is a door discovery process. Take internet surfing, flowing from one page to the next. At a part… Read More »

Lecture of the week: Nicole Foss

  Nicole Foss, talks about the future. The hypothesis she presents is that : 1) We have borrowed from the future, soil depletion, debt, shorttermism 2) This means, that we have to pay this back over the next decades 3) We will misintrperet singular events as the cause, when in face the problems are baked… Read More »

My Favourite Resilience Books

Reading books, is essential for your mental growth. After school, college university is out, books are an essential source of mental food? Books, help you focus and concentrate. A book, will help you maintain uninterrupted focus for a much longer period of time. Read actively, take notes and review them from time to time. Reading… Read More »

Consider 4 paradigms, to increase your resilience.

The 4 paradigms are:  Think of them as spectrums rather than fixed points, that gives the following:  Others > SOCIAL > Me Part > TIME > Present Far > DISTANCE > Close Abstraction > Think/Action > Detail The paradigms can be used to shift your perspective, easily. Owning our ideas (Ikea effect) makes it hard to change them, putting on a different paradigm… Read More »

Irrationality and your emotions

How do emotions effect your actions ? In Predictability irrational Dan Ariely, performed an experiment which shows how much, we are at the mercy of our emotions. He conducted an experiment where male students were asked a set of questions about sex. While in a cold state, they tried to predict their answers while in an aroused state. The… Read More »

Review: Isokinator Green Giant.

The Green Giant is the big brother of the Isokinator. It is constructed by having two isokinators into one, giving you the advantage of double the resistance. The clear advantages of this tool is it’s portability, flexibility, adjustability of resistance, strength of the tool and value for money  The Green giant  main consideration : Price I… Read More »

Habits that make you resilient

Resilience is about bouncing back. Resilience is a cycle of actions that bring you back on your feet after something negative happening to your life. The resilient man and woman have a collection of habits that make them resilient to many a danger. These habits are pre-resilience habits, focused to give you as broad as… Read More »

Intention, Action and Habit: The how and why.

The practice of being resilient requires time, money and energy. These three factors are in limited supply and thus you need to be selective on where to concentrate actions, which make you stronger towards potential risks. Action so starts from inspiration which comes from the media, the art, the books, the people, the events  you experience. All… Read More »

How to get old and have something to show for it. Which assets should you acquire throughout your life ?

If you are old and poor life is no fun. 1 in 6 pensioners (1.8 million or 16% of pensioners in the UK) live in poverty, defined as 60% of median income after housing costs. Living your last years, in poverty asking for handouts is not what most of us expect. However, if not careful some of us… Read More »

What is you % return on your resilience/survival investments + short story Regretful Rick

Risk precedes resilience. Resilience is needed when we face challenges, however challenges rarely come up one morning saying “Hello. I am here deal with me!” Risks are not disasters in progress. They are events that might or might not happen. These are the events, which we have zero control over. Misinterpreting risk takes away precious… Read More »