Resilience requires big changes. How do you maintain such change? + Short Story : Carrie the biker.

Resilience requires adjustments, changes to the normal routine. When faced with a dip in your life you need to change to bounce back. The better you understand how to change efficiently the more resilient you are. The adjustments needed are proportional to the level of changes needed. Some changes are too big, they simply overwhelm us. Huge changes… Read More »

Just Failed an Exam. Now what ?

Failing an exam, is a fact, it is a reflection of your abilities on a particular day. It is not an indication of your true value and self-worth. If you are here because you failed an exam recently. You will find yourself distraught, at the fact that things did not go as planned. The email… Read More »

How to cope and be resilient to stress

  In the previous article I highlighted the three sources of stress . In the this article I will focus on how YOU can avoid stress. I highlighted many times on the site, that the best strategy to resilience is not needing it. A good performing athlete does not burn himself out but constantly challenges himself in… Read More »